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Our Services

  • 1-Termite Control Services
    -Pre-Construction Termite Pipe System Preparation Services
    -Drilling and Injection Services
    -In-Concrete Termite Baiting System Services
    -Above-Ground Termite Baiting System Services
    2-General Pest Control Services:

    -Bees and Wasp Control
    -Snake Repellent Control
    -Bird Spike Repellent Control
    -Mosquitoes Control
    -Rodent and Mice Control
    -Cockroaches Control
    -Fly Control
    -Garden Worm and Insects Control
    -Public Cat Control
    -Wildlife Animal Control
    -Daily Contract Pest Control Services
  • 3-Fumigation for Stored Products
    -Fumigation for Container and Silo
  • 4-High Rise All Purpose Services:
    -High Rise Glass Cleaning Services
    -High Rise Painting Services
    -High Rise Banner or Logo Repair Services
  • 5-General Cleaning Services:
    -Post Construction Cleaning Services for Buildings
    -Deep Cleaning for Old Buildings
    -Floor Scrubbing and Polishing
    -Marble Floor Cleaning
    -Carpet and Upholstery Shampooing Services
    -Curtain Shampooing
    -Commercial Laundry Service
    -Waste Management for Street and Condominium Buildings
    -Daily Street Cleaning and Waste Management for Borey  

    6-Contract Cleaners:

    -Best Partner in Cleaning Services Management for Buildings
    7-Gardening Services:

    -Garden Design and Installation
    -Garden Daily Maintenance
    -Grass Cutting
    -Tree Maintenance, Remove and Relocation
    -KOI Fish Pool Design, Installation and Daily Maintenance