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Corporate Overview


TERMIFORCE CO., LTD. is short name come from the long name: TERMITE CONTROL FORCE (TERMIFORCE) CO., LTD. is an innovative and standardized pest control company from Australia.

TERMIFORCE CO., LTD. was found by general pest control services professionals with full experience in this field and trained in European Countries.

TERMIFORCE has a strategy of creating a robust service ecosystem by creating symbiotic values to ensure a win-win with business partners. As a member of society, we actively participate in addressing social issues beyond economic profit and foster a happy and fulfilling workplace by creating a corporate culture of trust and creativity.

TERMIFORCE is committed to attracting proactive, considerate, and creative individuals who create synergy through action and collaboration, treat others with humility and respect, and generate innovative ideas derived from boundless thinking and continuous learning.

TERMIFORCE, the warm green color possesses the positive energy of growing together.

Message From Manager

Dear Valuable Clients and Customers,

In the context of economic growth, cities are growing every day. The construction sector plays a leading role in investing in both Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings. Among them, the most necessary services that part of promoting the value of investment in building are general pest control services.

We understand the value of investing, the value of customers. Therefore, we have created value in service that we provide to our customers, which increases the value of our client's investment.

At TERMIFORCE CO., LTD. we recruit individuals who are active, thoughtful and creative to implement a cohesive, collaborative work system aimed at providing value-added services to our customers' investments. We work together to solve social problems beyond profit to create a happy workplace.

TERMIFORCE CO., LTD. clearly understands the needs of its customers and the needs of all sectors involved in its efforts to ensure a balanced supply of both quantity and quality.

Date: 09-December-2022

Pest Control Services Department Manager
Total Quality Control Manager